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Just finished painting a map of Tamriel for my friend.

Like For Real Dough

Just finished painting a map of Tamriel for my friend.

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‘Mr. Robot’: What Is Operation Berenstain? —

Episode four of Mr. Robot brought up one of the most hotly debated theories in online circles, and now fans are wondering if it could be a big clue for the show. 400 more words

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Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) Review

World of the Core

433248_1020_ADirected by Ryuhei Kitamura

Starring Don Frye

Synopsis: Godzilla gets frozen in a battle. Meanwhle, Aliens use monsters to destroy the Earth. So, we must thaw the King out to fight the monsters.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 9.29.42 PMReview: My least favorite Godzilla flick ever. It’s boring. The characters are uninteresting. It’s a remake basically of Destroy All Monsters. But only more boring. The 50th Anniversary of Godzilla and we got mutants and kung fu.

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Punisher’s Magical Team-Ups Part 1: Daredevil

“Star Trek Beyond” Review

Pierce at the Movies

Star_Trek_Beyond_poster-1.jpgPremise: While on a rescue mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise is attacked and shot down by raiders led by the mysterious Krall (Idris Elba), who steal a dangerous artifact and take most of the crew prisoner. Now it’s up to Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and co. to rescue the Enterprise’s crew and find out what Krall has up his sleeve.

I’ve been one of the rebooted Star Trek franchise’s most ardent defenders for a long time. I think the first one is a stroke of genius nearly equal to Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country, and I had a great time with Into Darkness despite its flaws. I get why hardcore Trekkers wouldn’t like them, but I think J.J. Abrams made two movies that were true to the spirit of Star Trek while giving them a more action-oriented, Star Wars-esque flair. So Star Trek Beyond, this time directed by…

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Zonaras 7.5 Part I – Interregnum


After the death of Romulus, Rome struggles to find a new king:

Once all of this had happened regarding Romulus, it seemed right to everyone that there should continue to be a monarchy, but strife and discord arose among those in Rome not just about who, individually, should be the king, but about whether he should be Roman or Sabine. To those first men who founded the city with Romulus, it seemed unbearable that the Sabines, who had come to the city after them, should take it in hand to rule. The Sabines thought, on the contrary, that since Romulus ruled by himself after the death of Titus Tatius, it was right that the new king should be selected from among themselves.

Both parties thus contended against each other. Since the state was thus held in suspense on this matter, the Patricians, being then 150 in number, established that each one…

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Crew of The Flash Talk Season 3 at Comic-Con 2016


Crew of The Flash Talk Season 3 at Comic-Con 2016

Tony gets answers from Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, and more about what to expect in The Flash season 3 on CW.

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A village in Yemen.

Some Comic-Con Trailer Goodness

The Exiled Gamer

Lots of great stuff coming out of Comic-Con this year.  Looks like it’s all about the fan favorites this year.  I am really looking forward to all of these myself.  Hope you enjoy!

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Inside Comic-Con 2016 In 90 Seconds


What was it like to walk around inside Comic-Con 2016? Spend the next ninety seconds to find out!

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PlayStation 4 Neo Latest News, Release Date & Update: Xbox One S Launch Pressuring Sony – Gamenguide


  • Sony PlayStation
  • PS4 NEO is reportedly coming along with PS4.5 NEO.
    (Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The game console wars continue and Microsoft is seen jumping the gun with the imminent release of the Xbox One S expected next month. With that in mind, such could hint at Sony possibly forced into a corner and releasing its own PlayStation 4 Neo.

The Xbox One S release rumors have ramped up following the slashed prices happening on the original Xbox One. The latest price drop to $249 is the third one for Microsoft and usually this indicates a move to dispose old units, Polygon reported.

No official word from Sony

For its part, Sony has not made any formal announcement regarding its plan for a PS4 Neo release. Sony has kept a tight lid on the possible release of their next game console with most of the features coming from the grapevine.

Among the…

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No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey Code of Ethics


no-mans-sky-sentinel-dead-ahead Image: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey Code of Ethics

Version 0.2 with contributions from Catherine Flick (@CatherineFlick), L. Meghan Dennis (@GingeryGamer), Andrew Reinhard (@adreinhard). This is a working document and will be updated as game information comes to light, beginning 9 August 2016.

Input into this code has come from the ACM Software Engineering Code of Ethics, the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Code of Ethics, the Code and Standard of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Code of Ethics.


No Man’s Sky is a procedurally-generated artificial universe in which the No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey (“the Survey”) will take place. For the purposes of the Survey the universe (“in-universe” or “in-game universe”) is considered a simulation of a real, existing universe, and thus incursions into and exploration of this universe will raise ethical and social…

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15 Things That Change the DC Comics Universe in Rebirth Special #1


DC Universe Rebirth #1

DC Universe Rebirth Special #1 is on sale Wednesday, May 25. The 80-page comic sets the stage for the entire DC Universe. When the entire line of comics was rebooted in 2011 with The New 52, some key points were removed from the characters’ histories. Geoff Johns is bringing back the missing elements and revealing a new threat.

DC Comics has given us early access to the comic along with some interior pages to share. The one-shot special has several shocking and thrilling moments for new and old comic fans. There will be some major spoilers revealed.

There Are Three Jokers?

During The Darkseid War story arc in Justice League, Batman was temporarily given the ability to find the answer to any question when sitting on the Mobius Chair. When he asked what Joker’s real name was, he was shocked and replied, “That’s…

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Geoff Johns Talks Big Changes and Spoilers From DC Universe: Rebirth


In 2011, DC Comics rebooted the DC Universe with the New 52. The characters and world was given a fresh start with a lot of familiar elements from before. Despite the changes and progress made since then, there has been a feeling that something is missing. With Rebirth, Geoff Johns is aiming to bring back those missing elements and return the characters to the legacies that have been created.

DC Universe: Rebirth is on sale May 25. Some spoilers were leaked and DC decided to allow us to discuss the spoilers and changes coming. You can read a review of the issue here . If you really want to see the spoilers, you can find them here. We spoke Johns about the issue. Spoilers begin midway through.

GameSpot: First question, why Rebirth? Why was now the right time for this whole thing?

Geoff Johns: Well, it really started…

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DC Comics Co-Publishers Discuss “Rebirth”


DC Comics Co-Publishers Discuss “Rebirth”

DC Comics Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio met up with Tony Guerrero at Comic-Con 2016 to discuss DC’s new “Rebirth” initiative and much more.

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Latest preview build for Xbox One fixes issues with UWP, Gamertags and Cast – Windows Central


It looks like we’re getting daily builds for the Xbox One Preview as we head towards the public launch of the Summer Update!

This latest build, heading out at the usual time slot of 6.00 PM PDT is bringing fixes for Universal Windows Platform apps launching on external hard drives, and a bug fix for the podcasting app Cast.

To force this update, go to Settings, then System, then Console Info & Updates after 6.00 PM PDT. The latest build string is rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160723-1903.

The full patch notes, as detailed on the Xbox One Preview forums, are as follows.


  • CAST
    Resolved an issue where attempting to load tips in CAST would prompt you to sign in and reinstall the app.

  • Installation
    Resolved an issue which caused certain universal apps to fail to launch if installed on an external hard drive.

  • Profile
    You should now be able to purchase…

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The 45 original shows and movies Netflix will release by the end of 2016




I am including this post of my First Verse as part of the Daily Post forSanctuary.

It was inspired a beautiful work of art by a friend which I have linked to at the bottom of the post. Her work is superb.


A Painted Story-Chair of Dreams
A fitting vision does it seem
In which to sit and rock the soul
That wants to wander as it roams
About the misty, darkened night
Whose moon still ambles in the light
Of the countless colored stars
Some close to touch, some still afar

A peacock throne, a thousand eyes
Upon the sea, within the skies
Serpents coiling in the mind
Omens opened up on time
Space the nearness of a sleep
In which the desert dreaming deep
Is as the jungle in its might
Is as the Dawn of Paradise,

Now to…

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wonder woman trailer

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