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I have been re-reading the Worm Ouroboros by ER Eddison lately and have found it to be immensely entertaining, stimulating to my imagination, and very useful for my own writings.


Silent Hill(s)

By far the scariest and spookiest game I ever played was Silent Hill. So I’m really looking forward to this:

Also most of the music from Silent Hill was terrifying, especially if listened to while playing alone in the dark. Some of it was sad, disturbing, and beautiful all at once. such as this:


As I sit here working this morning I realize that the cold, dark, rainy weather and the season have put me in the mood for some serious and dark Halloween music.

So I’m gonna go looking for some.

But if you have any suggestions of your own to make then I’m open…


What a piece of work…



As much as by nature I am like the ancient Greeks in many ways this music actually appeals to me far more than the ancient Greek music below.

I know this track is orchestrated and so it is an unfair comparison with the previous track in several respects, but to me this ancient Egyptian music is far richer, deeper, darker, more mysterious, and somnambulant in a way that is viscerally appealing to me. It resonates with the mystic in me.

I could shut my eyes in a darkened room on a moonless night and listen to this kind of thing for hours. I really enjoyed this.


And a little Ancient Greek music for your Sunday Morning.

Actually, I wouldn’t have expected such a high and lilting tone out of the Ancient Greeks, certainly not out of the Mycenaean Greeks. If this represents their era then maybe this is their cultural contrast with the war-like nature they typically seemed to embody. If it represents the later ancient Greeks then they had time to become “civilized” by then so maybe their music was high pitched. Then again I do know that some forms of ancient Greek were sing-song in nature and that the Spartans were flute players, even in battle.

Still it sounds more to me like early French (French, not Frankish) minstrel music; high-pitched, lilting, and unaccompanied except by a single plucked instrument, like a lyre. Sounds as if it is sung by a little choir boy or maybe a little girl.

It’s interesting to me, but doesn’t exactly appeal to me much.

I’d have to be in a certain type of mood to listen to it very much.


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