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And a little Ancient Greek music for your Sunday Morning.

Actually, I wouldn’t have expected such a high and lilting tone out of the Ancient Greeks, certainly not out of the Mycenaean Greeks. If this represents their era then maybe this is their cultural contrast with the war-like nature they typically seemed to embody. If it represents the later ancient Greeks then they had time to become “civilized” by then so maybe their music was high pitched. Then again I do know that some forms of ancient Greek were sing-song in nature and that the Spartans were flute players, even in battle.

Still it sounds more to me like early French (French, not Frankish) minstrel music; high-pitched, lilting, and unaccompanied except by a single plucked instrument, like a lyre. Sounds as if it is sung by a little choir boy or maybe a little girl.

It’s interesting to me, but doesn’t exactly appeal to me much.

I’d have to be in a certain type of mood to listen to it very much.


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