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the Secret of Innsmouth Miniatures Campaign

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H.P. Lovecraft was known for many things; he was a prolific writer, a vivid imaginarian, and the creator of one of the most enduring mythos of all time.

That being said, he was also a raging bigot and alienist. It would be easy to write that off as a byproduct of the Eugenics craze that was sweeping the nation during his lifetime, but it’s still a problematic issue. It’s not like he benefitted from this, though; he pretty much died penniless and unknown.

You can, however, appreciate the man’s contribution to the horror genre, especially in the realm of Role Playing games. Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu has been a staple of the horror RPG community for decades now, and Blind Beggar Miniatures has stepped up with some cool miniatures from one of Lovecraft’s greatest stories, the Secret of Innsmouth.

Innsmouth Banner

The Kickstarter campaign is winding down, but the figures…

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THE GUNDESTRUP GHOSTS – Hidden Images in the Gundestrup Cauldron



Discovered in a peat bog near the village of Gundestrup in Denmark in 1891, the Gundestrup Cauldron is the largest and finest example of Iron Age European silverwork (diameter: 69 cm (27 in); height: 42 cm (17 in.). Despite being discovered inDenmark, the workmanship and iconography on the cauldron indicate that it originated on the Balkans, either among the Thraco-Celtic (Scordisci) or possibly Celto-Scythian (Bastarnae) tribes, although the exact date and location of production is still uncertain.


The Gundestrup Cauldron


Antlered deity on Plate A of the Gundestrup cauldron, identified with the Celtic God Cernunnos, holding a ram-horned serpent and torc.


Celtic carnyx players depicted on Plate E of the Cauldron   


X-radiograph of inner plate C 6575 showing details of traces from working tools.



The ‘Gundestrup Ghosts’


While extensive academic attention has been paid to the cauldron’s iconography and origin over the past century…

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Melee Lessons from the Battle of Pharsalus (48 B.C.E.)

The Tavern Knight's Barracks

Recently stumbled across the Historia Civilis Youtube channel, which has a slew of ancient military battles animated in that history book “Xs & Os” style illustrations (which I love).

On Friday night I watched one of his newer videos on the Battle of Pharsalus, which was a battle in Greece between the Caesar and Pompey.

Now onto the lessons from the battle:

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3Novices : Supergirl Producer: Warner Bros. Was ‘Supportive’ of Superman Plan


Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

Supergirl TV Superman Boots Cameo Supergirl Producer: Warner Bros. Was ‘Supportive’ of Superman Plan

Supergirl season 2 looks like it?s going to be a strong one despite the network change. Now that the series has settled into a rhythm, the show can focus on world building and putting more stock into character development. With the addition of new allies and villains, Kara is going to need a little help now that baddies actually see her as a threat.

A massive cross-over with all of her new CW compatriots is on the horizon, but the first partnership we can expect comes as Superman finally gets some face time in National City. Buzz around the set tells us that Tyler Hoechlin is a great fit for the character even if he …

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