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Tales From The Borderlands review – A Telltale Games Series — Metro

Telltale’s best adventure series since The Walking Dead is now available in shops, and it’s still the funniest thing they’ve ever done. We’ve always felt Telltale Games were a little overrated. The Walking Dead was good, but it was also formulaic and manipulative in its storytelling. And although the lack of traditional gameplay was not […]

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Legion: A Siberian Story

World of Warcraft – Look what you have done Reddit


Look what you have done Reddit

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Berlin, larping and Czocha college of wizardry.

A little bit of Katyness....

Berlin at last. The girls and I landed from our morning flight out of Heathrow, checked in to a hostel on Alexandraplatz and set out on foot to explore the city. We meandered streets decorated with bullet holes, had passports stamped at check point Charlie and finally stood one foot astride the east and west points of the city.
We touched the wall, played hide and seek at the holocaust memorial, tried to envision it’s artistic meanings and cried at the stories hidden below it. This was a flying visit, less than 20 hours, but still I feel like I gained more than in the entire 4 days I was here last time.
Then, the morning. Packed and filled with anxious excitement we made our way back to the airport and soon located a group of witchards seemingly trying to blend in in mundane clothing. Faces were put to names…

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Daily Design: Day 120

Rowan Ryder

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. Today, they are;

Slide, Invasion and Button.

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Dry Run


In Dry Run, players are part of an elite unit tasked with defending their nation from invasion. On the eve of such an invasion, it’s their job to use the Super Defense Slide to activate their defenses with a button located at the bottom. Of course, the invaders are actively trying to stop them, and the slide itself is designed to keep out all but the most elite.

The game is divided into levels, or “Slides”. Each Slide functions differently and offers a different level of challenge, with hidden optional Slides offering the highest level of difficulty.

Players have to simply reach the bottom of each Slide…

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Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race #4

Graphic Policy

DKIII Master Race #4The Master Race will rise. Cities will fall. Bruce Wayne is dead. What will the heroes of the world do to save it?

DC Comics‘ big event, Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been interesting and this fourth issue continues what is a series that’s been big on ideas and themes and thin on some of their execution.

The latest issue dives into the battle between Superman and the Master Race of Kryptonians hellbent on taking over Earth. The issue feels a bit choppy right off the bat as if there was a slight skip between the last issue and this one. And for the most part the issue is a straight up fight between the zealot Kryptonians and Superman with Batman and the world at large watching on.

The issue has some very interesting ideas such as threats by terrorists, the impotence of not acting while an…

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Board Games for Date Night

Let us preface this by saying – board games are an AMAZING thing to bring to a first date, if you can slip them in. Both men and woman across the world agree that board games are a great social experience and they offer a variety of benefits above and beyond simply entertainment – but there are some games which are better than others for getting to know your partner better.

gamesforcouples high angle view of a young couple playing backgammon

We have broken games into 4 categories in order to give you the best opportunity to decide what games are best for you and your date. The categories we choose are:

  • Cooperative – These games pit the players against the board in some way and they must work together to survive and win. Games like this typically encourage cooperation and are a great first date game too make you and your…

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I finally have the ultimate titles for my set of mythic/high-fantasy novels. They shall be called Kal-Kithariune(Or, The Fall of Kitharia). Originally the series was to be called The Other World but I was never really pleased with that. It was only a preliminary and place-holder title anyway.

The Kal-Kithariune shall link back to another myth/history or time epoch called the Kol-Kithariad(or the Rebirth or the Establishment of Kitharia). I have not really decided if the Kithariad will refer to a period of time 300 years prior to the Kithariune (when Kitharia undergoes a Rebirth or Renaissance) or to a period 3000 years prior when Kitharia is first established and founded.

Ideally I’d like to work it out so that the Kithariad refers to the Rebirth of Kitharia, 300 years before its Fall, but realistically I’m having real trouble making that fit and so it may…

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You know I’ve always known something was off about the Red Woman. That she was not who she appeared to be. For the first and most obvious thing she was far too interested in ancient and pagan human sacrifice whereas the rest of the followers of the Lords of Light were interested in things like Resurrection. (As a matter of fact she was rather stunned by both the evidence of resurrections she saw performed and even by the idea, wasn’t she?) Secondly she was far too consumed with political and collective authoritarian power whereas the other followers of the Lord of Light seem more interested in the individual and a rebellion against worldly authority (take the Brothers without Banners, as just one instance).

So she was a conundrum, a misstep, a paradox, an openly hidden thing compared to the others. So I never assumed she was actually a follower of the Lord of Light anymore than I assumed she was as she appeared. But today at lunch I rewatched that final scene from last night’s Game of Thrones and it finally struck me (though I had a suspicion a couple of times before, such as when she summoned the demon out of herself) as she disrobed and took that necklace off (which seemed to go dead the moment she took it off) to become an Old Crone. (A pregnant old crone, or a “carrier” crone?)

Now I suspect I know exactly who she serves and why. Something far more ancient even than the White Walkers. Something far more Chthonic.

And I also suspect that she wasn’t at all disappointed by the overthrow of Stannis, but rather she had been planning it all along.

The thing now is, what exactly does she intend by the White Walkers. She and they would be natural enemies I suspect, but does she intend the Walkers and mankind to wipe each other out (for if she is what I think she is, she is enemies of both) or just to weaken man enough that after the Walkers are defeated she and her kind can then drive men again from Westeros?

Of course, there is always the other possibility…

5 Essential Traits of a Pants-Ruining Monster


Once in a while we need to frighten the players. A house on a haunted hill. A monster in the closet. A sewer full of horrors. The next campaign calls for major creeps. But the problem with players (nay, media consumers) is that they’ve seen it all before. Most horror movies on Netflix have stranger monsters than the Monster’s Manual. Even your average non-horror RPG game, like Fallout or Skyrim, contain thrills that make old slasher flicks look like Anna Karenina.

How do I scare my players? How do I legitimately freak them out? How do I make their pulse pound after a lifetime of slaying vampires, goblins, and trolls?

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Temple of Elemental Evil: Session 1


Greetings! It finally happened, my group found a time that worked for all of us, and we had our next gaming session, starting in on The Temple of Elemental Evil.

temple of elemental evil

I have been very, very excited to start this adventure, as it is on pretty much every “top 10 adventures of all time” list I have seen, and it was written by none other then Gary Gygax! We will be playing through the original adventure combined with the Village Hommlet, as pictured above. Shout out to my awesome girlfriend for giving me this classic adventure as a gift!

We did have a brief session weeks ago, during which the party drank and celebrated in Oakhurst, Noble got pick pocketed and lost 25 gp. While on the road to Hommlet the party met a peddler and discussed their past adventures. Finally, they used their survival skills to survive through…

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BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS – Power and Poison in Celtic ‘Rolltier’ Compositions

The Nature of Hoplite Combat

Weapons and Warfare


It has been suggested that ‘you must understand the armies before you can understand the wars’. However, in relation to the conflicts of the Classical Greeks, previous scholarship cannot be further from understanding how the functionality of the hoplite affected the nature of warfare within the broader context of the phalanx and the engagements of the Classical world. The majority of work that has been conducted on hoplite warfare so far has primarily concentrated on the ‘who’, the ‘when’, the ‘where’ and the ‘why’ of hoplite wars and engagements. It has been only recently that scholarship’s focus has expanded to incorporate the ‘how’. Yet this final element is essential to the comprehension of how the hoplites of ancient Greece fought the battles they were involved in. It is only by comprehending the basic principles of hoplite warfare, gained through physical re-creation, experimental archaeology and ballistics testing, and then analyzing the…

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Weapons and Warfare


Reconstruction of ancient Pergamon.



Ancient Rhodes.

Not long before the battle of Pydna, at the time they had made their alliance, Perseus and Genthius had sent an embassy to the Rhodians, inviting them to join their anti-Roman coalition. The attempt was certainly worthwhile: the Rhodians were divided on the question whether their interests were best served by siding with Rome, or with Perseus, or by trying to stay neutral. But they were all agreed that their commercial interests demanded peace, so they told Perseus’ envoys that they would be sending a mission to Rome to try to bring an end to the war.

It must have seemed to the Rhodians that they had negotiated a tricky situation rather cleverly, but it all went badly wrong for them. Their peace ambassadors did not reach Paullus in the field until his victory was imminent, or secure an audience with the Senate until…

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Life is Strange Indeed: An Introduction to An Amazing Game


I promised a friend that my first Life is Strange essay post would be as spoiler-free as possible. So I’m going to do my best by writing an introduction of sorts for those of you who may not yet have had the pleasure of experiencing this game.

That’s really what Life is Strange is, you know: it’s an experience. One does not play, Life is Strange, one lives Life is Strange.

I’m sure there are people out there who played through part of “Episode One: Chrysalis” and gave it up for a bad job, thought it was boring, thought it relied too much on exploration and conversations with side characters. And hey, if that’s not your kind of game, that’s not your kind of game, and that’s okay. We all have our personal tastes, likes and dislikes. They’re all valid.

I do have to say, though, that if you never…

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Return to the creepy abandoned interiors of the Powerhouse

So long, Armour

T A B U L A R A S A photography

Some of you, primarily midwestern, urbexers out there are familiar with the Armour meatpacking plant in East St. Louis. Word was, after roughly a half century of decay, it was coming down. Rumor became fact a few days ago when it was brought down in a controlled implosion. (See it here)

I’m not sentimental by nature, and I’d only been there once, but wow. The old power plant building, filled with vintage 19th century turbines, was the kind of thing urbexers dream of. I’ve always maintained that explorers shouldn’t bemoan the loss of buildings, as it is the cycle of development/abandonment/decay/destruction that makes what we do possible. But seeing this site come down was hard. Today’s post is from a visit there a couple years ago.

It was so overgrown, it seemed it was in the thick of a forest. It loomed up at you once you got…

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Game of Thrones character arc generator

Dark Times in Pop Culture


Lady Geek Girl and Friends

As we gird ourselves for the return of Game of Thrones, recover from the joyless collisions of Batman and Superman, and persevere through the deaths of pretty much every lesbian on television, it’s time to pause and ask ourselves—why is pop culture so dark right now? And more importantly, is there any value in this unending dash toward being the Darkest and the Edgiest of all?

supermanisad “I… sad.”

The easy answer is, of course, to lay the blame at George R. R. Martin and the copious bloodletting which reverberates throughout A Song of Ice and Fire. HBO generated a hit with his story when they put it on TV, and everyone else is trying to imitate him. If they got ratings with Ned Stark’s head on a pike, then goddamn it, the rest of us are going to keep putting heads on pikes until we get an Entertainment…

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Last week I sat down and wrote a song that I had originally intended for my Bard (his name is Larmageon and he is Welsh) to sing in one of my novels, the Basilegate. As a sort of a lament, and a dirge. It was supposed to be a rather dark song about a myth of a submerged city off the coast of Ireland that rises every so often at midnight on Samhain and the city is populated by ancient dead warriors. It was a symbolic dirge of a supposedly lost song that the Bard then used to analogously lament what had happened to his friends. That is the first version of the song/poem you see below.

Thereafter I looked at the song and said to myself, “This really is close to an Irish/Welsh real myth and I should rewrite this song as…

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