Punisher’s Magical Team-Ups Part 1: Daredevil



Lately, I’ve found myself reading more of Garth Ennis’ run with the Punisher. And besides, the immaculate black humor that makes this series so great, it’s also the fact that Ennis showcases just how well he understands Frank Castle and his relationship with the Marvel Universe.

Whenever the Punisher makes an appearance in some other superhero title, either as an antagonist or as a begrudging team-up, the hero often see him as a psychotic mirror they are afraid to potentially become. So they treat him as some moral benchmark or line they must never cross.

And if you’re Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four, that’s fair. Your moral ground makes sense. You put on the colorful underoos or onesie and you’re automatically sworn into the “I must not kill my baddies,” club. Granted nearly every modern superhero now has broken this rule (Wolverine is apparently the “best at it”) on one…

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