PlayStation 4 Neo Latest News, Release Date & Update: Xbox One S Launch Pressuring Sony – Gamenguide


  • Sony PlayStation
  • PS4 NEO is reportedly coming along with PS4.5 NEO.
    (Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The game console wars continue and Microsoft is seen jumping the gun with the imminent release of the Xbox One S expected next month. With that in mind, such could hint at Sony possibly forced into a corner and releasing its own PlayStation 4 Neo.

The Xbox One S release rumors have ramped up following the slashed prices happening on the original Xbox One. The latest price drop to $249 is the third one for Microsoft and usually this indicates a move to dispose old units, Polygon reported.

No official word from Sony

For its part, Sony has not made any formal announcement regarding its plan for a PS4 Neo release. Sony has kept a tight lid on the possible release of their next game console with most of the features coming from the grapevine.

Among the…

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