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“It’s a question of precisely what is the most ethical possible practice,” Termkin said, apparently annoyed by Steinthal’s relentless and unswerving line of inquiry.

Steinthal stared at him intently, but unreadably.

“Is it?” asked Steinthal.

Termkin seemed puzzled by the question.

“What do you mean?” Termkin said.

“See,” said Steinthal twirling the brim of his hat in his hand, “that’s where I think we both know you’re wrong.”

Termkin furrowed his brow, his expression a mixture of ongoing annoyance and a genuine struggle to understand.

“I still don’t perceive your exact meaning?”

“No, I don’t think you do,” said Steinthal. “And I really didn’t expect that you could. But let me simplify the matter for you. You see I have this theory that everything is always really about morality. And that ethics is just something that lawyers and other no count types…

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DC Entertainment Unveils New Logo Ahead of Comic Book ‘Rebirth’


The new branding will make its comic book debut with next week’s ‘DC Universe: Rebirth Special.’

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Comic-Con: Original and New ‘Star Trek’ Timelines Collide in New Comic Book Storyline


The original and current crews of the Starship Enterprise will swap ships in the two-part story.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ ‘Black Panther’ to Get Spinoff Series ‘World of Wakanda’


Roxane Gay will be one of the writers on the new project.

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GS News Top 5 – Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Release; No Man’s Sky Combat!


GS News Top 5 – Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Release; No Man’s Sky Combat!

Pokemon Go makes a crazy amount of money, the Xbox One S release date has been revealed and details on World of Warcraft’s Legion pre-release update!

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Comic-Con Panel Is All Filler, No Killer – Plus Hodor — Deadline

Warning: This story contains mild spoilers for Season 6. Game of Thrones‘ Season 7 is, as everybody knows, going to be delayed by several months to allow the production to shoot it wintry conditions. Also delayed: any substantial information about the upcoming final two seasons of the Emmy-winning HBO drama. But the audience in Hall H…

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Virtual Reality Series On Its Way From Kevin Cornish And AMD — Comic-Con — Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Virtual reality technology company AMD has closed a deal with writer/director/producer Kevin Cornish to create a big-budget VR series called Remember: Remember which starts in the wake of an alien invasion and takes the audience back to their destroyed apartment for the first time where each item in the rubble triggers a different memory.…

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Pokevision for ‘Pokemon GO’ Lets You See Which Pokemon are Spawned Near You


[appicon]The nice thing about Pokemon GO [Free] being built on various databases with available APIs is that it has inspired people to make their own tools to find Pokemon, to try and streamline the process. Pokevision is one of the most powerful tools yet – it allows you to scan the area near you for which Pokemon are available, and when they will despawn. This way, if everything is accurate, you can streamline your Pokemon hunting. As reported by Tech Insider, Pokevision uses Nantic’s API to help find this data.



Now, Pokevision isn’t 100% accurate for everyone. It might not necessarily show activity at all spawns near you. And lured/incensed Pokemon aren’t liable to pop up on the map, so it’s best to use this as a rough guide more than anything. As well, you do have to run the scanner every time you pull up a…

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REBIRTH COMICS #5: Nightwing, New Super-Man, Hal Jordan and the GLC, Wonder Woman, and MORE!

Coffee at Jitters

Dick Grayson goes back to his roots. Kong Kenan gets greatness thrust upon him. Hal Jordan must find the GLC. Wonder Woman’s definite origin kicks off her Year One storyline. Barry trains August in Speedster 101. Batwoman rallies the team to save Batman. Lots of DC, and it is grand.

Nightwing: Rebirth #1
New Super-Man: Rebirth #1
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1
Wonder Woman #2
The Flash #2
Detective Comics #936

Have you been reading DC Rebirth? Drop a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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Review – Justice League #1 (DC Comics)

‘Primitive Machine’ Within Great Pyramid of Giza Reconstructed


The ancient Egyptians created a simple yet elaborate system of blocks and grooves within the Great Pyramid of Giza to protect the King’s Chamber from tomb robbers.

In an upcoming episode of the Science Channel’s “Unearthed,” that system comes to life via computer animations. In the episode, Egyptologist Mark Lehner describes the system for viewers, calling it a “very primitive machine.” Lehner leads Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA), a team that has been excavating at Giza for about 30 years.

Many scholars believe that the King’s Chamber housed the remains of the pharaoh Khufu (reign ca. 2551–2528 B.C.), the ruler who ordered the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The tallest pyramid ever constructed in Egypt, the Great Pyramid was considered to be a “wonder of the world” by ancient writers. In addition to the King’s Chamber, the Great Pyramid contains two other large chambers, which are today…

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Early Anglo-Saxon Cremation (Again)


newark bird lid 2The significance of cremation practices in early Anglo-Saxon England was originally the topic of my 2000 doctoral thesis from the University of Reading.

I subsequently wrote up expanded versions of the ideas from the thesis into a series of book chapters and journal articles between 2001 and 2007.

More recently, I’ve returned and development aspects of this work to write:

  1. a synthesis and discussion of early Anglo-Saxon mortuary practice in 2011, as part of the Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology:
  2. a joint-authored article about the mnemonic significance of the decoration of cinerary urns with Ruth Nugent in 2012, downloadable here.
  3. broader discussion of cremation and materials and artefacts involved in ‘catalytic commemoration’ across early medieval Europe for the 2013 Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial;
  4. discussing the treatment of pots in both early Anglo-Saxon cremation and inhumation graves in the 2014 book on the archaeology…

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Hidden Gems of Fort Cumberland: The High Angle Battery

Day 15 – Stone Age

The Welcoming Elitist

The first worker placement game I ever played was Lords of Waterdeep from Wizards of the Coast. I thought it was a good game, but was not great when playing 5 players, which is the only way I’ve played it. My first encounter with Stone Age was on Tabletop, but what really peaked my interest was when watching an old Dice Tower top ten list for games that murdered other games. Stone Age, according to one of the three lists on the show, murdered Settlers of Catan, also known as Catan.

This game has been on my shelf for a while, and only came off because I had it, so I used it to get to 30 games for July in this event. As you can tell I wasn’t too excited. Why did I buy it if I wasn’t excited? I wanted to play this game very…

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Story Games

Board Game Builder

First of all, let me say that there will be no spoilers.

There seems to be an increase in games that have a large story element.  While stories in game have been around for a long time, it is hard not to notice that two of the biggest releases last year, T.I.M.E. Stories and Pandemic Legacy, are deeply connected to their stories.  The stories are so important that the game cannot really be played again once the story is complete.  The story is vital to the gameplay mechanics.

Before we explore those games, let’s go back to the original story game, Dungeons and Dragons.  Since I have only started DMing earlier this year, I’m not going to talk about how the game has changed and morphed with the different editions.  I’m going to talk about the integration of story and game.

D&D is basically guided make-believe.  We tend to stop…

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13 level copper factory 

The Land Travel Blog

Some years ago me and a few others went to an abandoned copper refinery in Jinguashi near Keelung. That time we were ill prepared so we didn’t see all of it, but I promised myself I would come back one day. This weekend Renegade Wife needed to work but I didn’t feel like staying inside all Saturday. Since she is not all that into urban exploration, I decided this would be the weekend I went back.

On Friday morning I took the motorbike to work instead of the train like normal, and as soon as I got off work Friday evening, I rode to Taipei and spent the evening there. This morning I headed out towards Keelung, and after an early lunch I reached Jinguashi around noon. There was one building in particular that I wanted to explore last time but it was too hard to reach so I set…

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Inside ‘The Sheriff of Babylon,’ DC Comics’ Wartime Crime Drama


Tom King and Mitch Gerads on the origins of the Vertigo series that defies easy categorization and avoids easy answers.

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