Not everything I had hoped it would cover (although I can just add in the sections I intend to create later on) but it definitely has some extremely interesting and unforeseen (form my point of view) sections. And if it is anywhere nearly as good as the Player’s Handbook or the Monster Manual then I very much look forward to owning my copy.



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That D&D 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide table of contents yesterday? It’s been updated with a new version. An extra 12 pages (including a new 6-page “Maps” appendix) and small number of other minor changes throughout – mainly slight variations in section names, although a new two-page “Madness” section appears in part 3, while the “Rewards at 20th Level” entry is gone.


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    As a teenager I learned some of the very best lessons I ever learned about World-Building from the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide (and I recommend every fiction writer and world-builder obtain a copy). This book looks a little less useful in that regard but still interesting and I look forward to getting it.


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