I used to not like to read books by female authors because so many were culturally and politically and sexually obsessed with being “female.” In proving they were female. It permeated everything they did or said, usually proving very detrimental to their appeal and to their work. Much like far too many black authors and directors were overtly determined to prove they were “black.” Rather than being a really good author or director who just happened to be black.

Then somewhere along the line many women authors stopped doing that crap and suddenly just started writing really good stories and being excellent authors/authoresses. JK Rowling, Cecelia Holland (one of the very best authors I’ve ever read of historical fiction – often about the Vikings), and so on and so forth.

Now I read many female authors with great relish. Eagerly. And they are extremely good at what they do, and their stories are superb and superbly well written. They grew up and out of being just women and into being excellent authors who just happened to be women. They didn’t stop being women, they just put the emphasis in the right place in being an author.

I’d love to see the very same thing happen in directing with female directors… so bring em on ladies, and bring your sword and shield with ya as you come. Because I’m game if you are…

Studio drawing up shortlist ahead of 2017 release

It’s all about the capes and spandex over at Warner Bros. at the moment, in the wake of the studio’s unveiling of its 10-movie slate of DC adaptations.

THR has published a summary of Warner’s superhero plans, and has dropped an interesting tidbit in relation to the Wonder Woman solo movie, starring Gal Gadot.

According to the report, the studio is keen to appoint a female director to that particular project, which would be a welcome breath of fresh air in a traditionally male-dominated genre.

Potential candidates for the project? Well it’s all guesswork at this stage, but we’d love to see Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones alumnus Michelle MacLaren make the step up from small screen to silver…

Wonder Woman
is set to open in the US on 23 June 2017, with a UK date yet to be confirmed.

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