Traveller: Out of the Box–The Tools Are Not The Setting

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This quote is from the first volume of the original Dungeons & Dragons:

DUNGEONS and DRAGONS will provide a basically complete, nearly endless campaign of all levels of fantastic-medieval wargame play. Actually, the scope need not be restricted to the medieval; it can stretch from the prehistoric to the imagined future…
–Dungeons and Dragons: Book 1 Men & Magic 
Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax

Please note how extraordinary this quote is in the context of what people came to think of Dungeons & Dragons as over time. What was originally designed to being a framework to play any setting ended up a vaguely Tolkienesque default setting in the imaginations of most people.

Some thoughts:

As noted elsewhere, Traveller grew distinctly out of the roots of Dungeons & Dragons.

Here are the opening sentences from the last page of Traveller Book 3 (1981) under the heading A Final Word:

Traveller is necessarily a…

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