Making Magic Dangerous

I very much agree. Magic should be very dangerous, and sometimes near-lethal or lethal to wield.

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Making Magic Dangerous

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I like it when magic is dangerous to cast…  That the players know that their character is messing with forces beyond their full comprehension, but the ability to wield that power is beyond the risk.  It’s one of the reasons I’m so fond of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Aside for those unfamiliar with the DCC rules: When a wizard casts a spell they must make a spell check (rolling a d20 + Intelligence modifier + level) to hit a target number.  For level one spells the base success rate is a DC of 12.  The higher the caster rolls, the more awesomesauce their spells is.  However should a caster roll a 2-11 the spell is lost for the day… Should the caster roll a 1, they suffer corruption, misfire, patron taint, and etc. 


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying also has possible terrible things happen should the caster fuck up…

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