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I have always loved swords, don’t get me wrong. Especially short, compact to medium length swords, well weighted, tough, entirely functional and made for combat and killing. I speak specifically of the Gladius and the Spatha.

But far more I have always loved long knives and the warhammer. Both feel absolutely right in my hands. Perfect for me as a matter of fact.

Maybe that is because I am so tool oriented (probaly get that form my old man) and because by nature I am more of a scout and a man who prefers to operate alone rather than in a team or to fight in open terrain (likely get that from a coupla my great-grandfathers and my frontier ancestors). I think like a guerrilla, like a scout, like a recon-man. Like an infiltrator.

Anyway, the long knife and the warhammer is me. Made for my nature.

You can do a lotta things with a good long knife and a warhammer and a multi-functional tool. I prefer that kinda thing.

Also, I really, really like tomahawks and hatchets.


Actually I much prefer the hammer to the mace, and as this video demonstrates you have a far greater variety of handling options with the hammer.

Now I actually use hammers to fight with and have for a long time, not Medieval Warhammers but all metal modern hammers with specially designed heads and claws. Which achieve the same hooking and percussive abilities of the warhammer, but since no one today wears armor the hammer is actually far better for breaking fingers, hands, feet, elbows, ankles and various other bones and joints, for clawing (or hooking) hands and limbs and shoulders, and crippling opponents.

Hammers are quite effective close in (my preferred method of fighting), are hard to take from you (if you know how to hold them) and against unarmored opponents (almost all people nowadays unless you count ballistic vest opponents) are about as effective as knives, but they have a greater range and more kinetic force. (Though it is the well placed stab that always immediately ends the fight.)

Since studying Medieval combat treatises (in the past four or five years) I have found several new ways to make my (combat) hammers much more effective, by applying knife and short sword techniques to hammer and hatchet fighting (another favorite weapon of mine). Plus, both hammers and hatchets are nearly as fast as large knives once you get used to using them. I also like hammers with small hatchet blades on the reverse side. There’s a reason though he doesn’t show the mace as a choke or leverage weapon because the head is too bulky, clumsy, and unwieldy for that (they are really only a weapon for use against slow and armored men – can crackers), whereas the handle of a hammer and the head itself makes it an excellent leverage weapon as I have found over the years. Plus, if you practice with the right hammer then they make excellent and effective short range throwing weapons, similar to a throwing hatchet. Something the mace could never really be effective at.

Anyway I thought some of you might enjoy this video on the Hammer and Mace.

Personally I’ve never much cottoned to the mace. In my opinion the hammer is superior in almost every way.


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