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A lot of people have now forgotten, or simply never knew (because it was before their time), that Dungeons and Dragons began as a character driven fantasy modification upon Tactical Wargames.

I used to play a lot of wargames myself and still write some and still play a few. Including what today might be called LARPing though I have never participated in a LARP, and because the combat and the rest of the “game” is so formalized and regimented I have no desire to do so. (It is actually more like a theatre production to me than either a wargame or even a live-action role play game.) We played free and open combat against each other, fought in pre-arranged “lists” such as at a tournament, or simply hunted each other in the woods until we found and engaged each other.

Then we fought until injuries stopped us, someone yielded, weapons broke, or until exhaustion or a standstill forced us to break and rest.

But I also played a lot of both standard and board wargames and actually I began wargaming as a kid (just as I began sword-fighting as a kid – we made our own weapons and armor) before I ever began playing D&D. So I really enjoyed this short video and the brief overview of the history.

Those old rules books on the basement gaming table also brought back an awful lot of memories and happy times of my childhood.

Enjoy the video.

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