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I just got word from Amazon that my new Player’s Handbook hit my hometown about 8:00 this morning.

That means that by the end of the day too-day Daddy’s gonna be a PLAYAH!!!


Another very helpful link for the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules. Includes an Update for both the Players Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide.



I ordered my copy of the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook through Amazon. They still haven’t sent it to me.  Nevertheless I am very much looking forward to receiving the book.

I haven’t yet seen the book for myself but I did find this unedited flipthrough of the new book. Admittedly I have not watched the whole thing as I do not wish to spoil the surprise but from what little I did watch I am almost certain I will like the book, and now I am looking forward to receiving my copy even more so than before.

I post this video in the case that someone else would like an advance preview of the book, either in full or in part.

Once I have received my own copy and had an opportunity to read and analyze it then I’ll post my own review.




This week I will be introducing the first three Characters I have decided to create for the new Dungeons and Dragons game. (And hopefully the last characters for a good long while as I intend to build these three individuals up carefully and fully.) If these characters are successful I may also conscript them as minor or secondary characters that will appear in some of my novels.

I developed these characters using the new Character Development Rules, and the Personality and Background suggestions in chapter four of the new Basic Game (Rules). Once I receive my new books I will further modify their development based on the new information available, but these are my initial attempts at character development for the game.

I will also be adding to these characters using rules I have developed such as those regarding Legacies and Heirlooms, but I will discuss those in future posts.

By the way I should add a note at this point that I am very, very pleased with the new Personality and Background guidelines and think that these guidelines have broad applications and implications well beyond D&D. They are simple but very well developed, logical, efficient, and functional guidelines and with just a modicum of effort could easily be adapted towards character development in fiction and literature or any number of other fields (screenwriting, for instance). I will later write an article of my review of how the new D&D approaches character development which is to me the most significant advance this edition makes to the overall game.

The very first two characters are very similar to me (in many ways) in both nature and in background. I haven’t rolled up any statistics for them as of yet but shall after I receive my first copy of the new Player’s Handbook.

As I said using these rules I have developed three new D&D characters – Talisfar the Bard, Okæn the Ranger/Rogue, and Endrêdge the Fighter/Warlock/Cleric.

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