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IV. The Main Parties: (Player and NPC Groups)

Being a brief description of the various parties that adventure in the setting of my world

The Basilegate Legate of the Emperor: Imperial and Orthodox Special Legate Team of the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Caerkara The Expeditionary Force: An Expeditionary Team of mainly Eldeven peoples sent to Terra to study humans and human religion.

HoshiThe Footbridge: A group of Orientals formed by a Shugenja Monk and sent into the West along the Silk Road to discover why the Korreupt have invaded the world.

The OroMoonshadow: A group of former African Sharpers who have formed a team to go into the Byzantine Empire, Europe and Asia Minor to explore and investigate

ConsociatioThe Society: An association of Dragoons and their allies who seek the return of their Antipope to the Papal Chair/NPC

The KorreuptThe Twisted, The Terrible: Those Caleedam (monsters) who have escaped Ghanae and made their way into our world/NPC

KhomainahasThe Serpent‘s Teeth: An international syndicate of arms and contraband smugglers, slave and human traffickers, and individual criminals/NPC. Operating primarily in Southern Eastern Europe and Asia Minor.

Heires Glyphers: A secretive organization of individuals whose purpose is unknown but who use a strange hieroglyphic language with unknown properties/NPC

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