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Well, it’s that season (Fall and the approach of Fall) when my thoughts naturally turn to Conan. This happens almost every year.

Maybe it’s the way I grew up and what I grew up reading as a kid but every Autumn it’s the same thing, my mind hungers for Conan (Conan often isn’t even that well written, I prefer Solomon Kane for the stories and I associate more with Kane, but in autumn I want Conan), and John Carter of Mars, and Tarzan, and Doc Savage, and so forth.

Every Autumn though, as a kid, I used to consume Conan and Carter and Tarzan and Savage adventure stories. I didn’t want high fantasy (like LOTR ), or sci-fi (that’s Spring material to me), or any of that stuff, but I always wanted adventure and fighting and gore and creeping monsters and often horror stories, like Lovecraft (though often I’ll read Lovecraft in winter too).

The coolness of the weather, the clearness and yet distance of the moon at night, the shortened days, the smell of blood on the air, the fading grass. The trees becoming bare, the call of birds moving South, and the sight of hunting raptors on the wind. Dark storm clouds. Just something about Autumn. It’s like the dying of the light.

You get in one last good fight before the darkness.

What do you prefer to read in the Fall?

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