The Walking Dead – ep 7.1 – Has it gone too far?

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Unfortunately, the media had a harsh reaction to season seven premiere of The Walking Dead, some going so far as to suggest that the show bordered on torture porn.  I think intense and gritty and emotional are all fine words to describe this episode, I would be hard pressed to describe it in other extremes.  On the other hand, I can understand it.  Not much happened in this episode besides torture, mutilation, and murder.  

An overwhelming majority have decried The Walking Dead.  GQ has called it a “chore” to watch.  Vox called it “dumb”.  IndieWire called it an example of the show “…at its worst…”.  UK newspaper The Independent described the episode as “too bleak to enjoy”.  IGN called it an “…uncomfortable crawl through broken glass…’  Ouch.  The AV Club said that the show “…had no narrative”.  USA Today wondered if fans will tune out.  Best of all, Forbes only treaded…

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