6th October 69 B.C. Battle of Tigranocerta #Onthisday



Onthisday in history Battle of Tigranocerta which was fought October 6th 69 B.C. this was a bloody battle between the Roman Republic and the army of Kingdom of Armenia which was led by King Tigranes the Great.


 King Tigranes the Great

Roman forces was led by the Consul known as Lucius Licinius Lucullus and Tigranes which was Defeated. The capital was Tigraocerta lost to Rome in the result.


Third Mithridatic War was fought between the Mithridates VI of Pontus who was the Daughter Cleopatra who was married to Tigranes and Roman Republic. While Mithridates fled to gain shelter with his son-in-law when Rome invaded the kingdom of Armenia.

This had affect of laid siege to Tigranocerta which the forces of Rome fell back behind the river when the larger forces of the Armenian army had arrived. After the Romans defeated the Armenian Cataphracts, while most of the army of triganes was made…

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