Evolution of Gunflint

C.A.R.T. Archaeology

Gunflint found on one of our recent CART excavations. Gunflint found on one of our CART excavations.

by Jonathan BrisendineCART Archaeological Technician

While term “Flint Knapping” in American archeology most often references the process by which American Indians made stone tools, the term can also apply to historical archaeology. Here it will be discussed in its use with firearms. The introduction of the flintlock firing mechanism represented a major leap in firearms technology and gunflints, or the debris from their creation, are often found on sites dating to the Colonial and Early National periods.

Throughout time mankind has always sought to push the boundaries of progress, by inventing new technologies that make any given task easier and more efficient. This is seen radically in the implements of warfare. Man is always seeking to gain the edge over their enemies in this field. First it was the bow, which gave a person a huge advantage over the previously used…

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