Pax Romana – initial impressions

Interloping Infantry & Falling Rigging

Pax RomanaLong, long ago I got copy of Imperium Romanum II. It was a fantastic idea to incorporate more or less whole Roman history in a single box, but unfortunately so flimsy that gameplay resembled more of extensive bookkeeping exercise than fun – or so I recall. Nevertheless, IRII left permanent desire to have a game that would encompass whole mediterranean and powers that contested the region over centuries.

I set my eyes to Pax Romana already about ten years ago – about the same timeframe I played last game of IRII (Great Mithridatic War). I missed the opportunity to get the game at that time and then I got somewhat worried about the comments that expressed faults in the game system. So I forgot Pax Romana for a long time…

Then, I could not help to notice that GMT had revised the system and planning to give go to…

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