The 47 Ronin: A Lesson on Patience

Adam H.C. Myrie

47 ronin

We live in a society that grants us almost immediate gratification for almost anything we desire at the press of a button. Things that we want or need are rarely out of our grasp. Our clothes are made for us, our entertainment is stored in an almost infinite online database, and we can reach out to and communicate with people all over the world instantaneously. Our paths in life are almost carved out for us as a default. We grow up, go to school if we can afford it, get an education, get married, buy a house, have children, and toil away in the same career until we retire. There is little room for developing not only the will to go off of the beaten path, but also the stamina to do so for a goal which is not achievable in the short term. For those of us that dare…

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About Jack

BRIEF BIO: Jack Gunter is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and songs. He is the co-owner of Open Door Communications, a copywriter, an inventor, and a former broker and private investigator. He is a naturalist and an amateur scientist and cryptologist. He likes to compose music and to design and play games and puzzles of all types. He homeschooled his children. He lives in the Upstate of South Carolina with his beautiful wife, talented two daughters, his old friend and Great Dane Sam, and his three Viking Cats.

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