Scotland, Sainthood and a Saxon Princess…

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I recently went to Edinburgh on a city break, and whilst there naturally went to go and visit the imposing and impressive Edinburgh Castle, which sits high above the Old Town. As I looked around and read the guidebook I discovered St Margaret’s Chapel, and the fascinating woman it was founded for.

Margaret (1046-1093) began life as a Saxon princess, however this was during a period of serious upheaval, with Margaret having to flee England when the Danish Viking King Cnut gained the English throne. Margaret’s brother, Edgar, was also a claimant to the throne but he never gained the crown, his position became even more precarious when William the Conqueror took the crown in 1066.

Long story short they ended up in Scotland, where Margaret’s life took a significant turn. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle reported how,

Then began King Malcolm to yearn after the child’s sister, Margaret, to wife…

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