2,400-Year-Old Pure Gold ‘Bongs’ Used By Aryan Kings Discovered By Researchers


2,400 years ago, ancient Aryan royal chiefs used pure gold ‘bongs’ to smoke powerful mixtures of cannabis and opium before heading into battle.

Ancient Drugs
Source: Ancient-Code.com
July 11, 2016

Every discovery tells us a little bit more about our past and the lives of ancient cultures around the globe.

Now, new discoveries made around the globe are showing us that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures around the globe used psychedelic drugs in a number of ways.

Now, researchers have found two pieces of pure gold ‘bongs’ that are be.eived to be at least 2,400 years old. The ‘bongs’ were used by Aryan tribal chiefs in religious ceremonies to smoke cannabis.

The discovery was made in Russia when workers were excavating the ground to make room for new power lines. The gold ‘bongs’ were dug up together with 7lbs of other golden artifacts belonging to the same culture.

The ‘ancient treasures’…

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