Dragon Slayer

I loved that film as a kid and still think it holds up well.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Cinema

Screenshot (186).png

Probably one of the darkest things that Disney has been involved in. There’s little beauty in the world of Dragonslayer. There are no adventurous knights to save the people. No fairies or elves. The only magical creatures in the film are eating all the women in the surrounding area. And the ending is a bit of a downer, with a sort of “fuck the system” message to it.

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Like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Gremlins, it’s also somewhat violent for a PG rated film, due to the lack of a PG-13 rating at the time. Nothing explicit, until the scene where one dead woman’s foot is chewed off by a baby dragon.

Screenshot (180)

The story involves a familiar problem. A dragon is tormenting a kingdom, so the villagers try to appease it by sacrificing virgin women to the creature. Because prostitutes taste terrible.

Screenshot (178)

Valerian (who, for some reason, no one…

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