Probus’ Antoninianus


This 22.5 mm piece of bronze was forged about 1750 years ago under the reign of Probus Augustus. Probus was the man of the military and not a businessman, this is the reason that the reverse of most of his coins is featuring Victory or Jupiter.

To put the age of the coin into perspective it is the same interval than between the birth of Jesus and the death of Bach (or 10 million soccer games). 

In our case on the reverse of the coin you can find Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm with the legend VICTORIA AVG (Victoria Augustus – victory of the emperor). The obverse (front side of the coin) says PROBUS P F AVG (Probus Pius Felix Augustus – Emperor probus the pious and blessed). These prefixes are pretty common across the different roman emperors.

Another interesting characteristic of the coin is Probus’ radiate (also know as solar or sun) crown that…

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