The Elemental (Re)turn. The Archaeology of Elementary Philosophy and Humoral Principles

Good observations… trying to make everyone into ourselves (moderns) is a huge mistake, both psychologically and historically.

Doug's Archaeology

Your Wednesday dose of archaeology conference videos. Again from the TAG conference-

Session Abstract: This session encourages archaeologists to (re)engage with pre-Enlightenment doctrines— namely elemental and humoral theory—which, it will be argued, are more relevant for archaeological interpretation than much of current theoretical discourse. Its aims is to show how these ancient theoretical paradigms might be marshalled to provide more direct readings and robust analyses of the archaeological record, provide fairer representations of past cultures, heal present rifts in the discipline’s arts- and science-based research, and position archaeology at the forefront of debates concerning future sustainability and resilience.
Throughout the western world, and for at least the last 2,500 years, all aspects of human life, lifestyle and behaviour—diet, farming practices, health, life-cycles and overarching cosmologies—were perceived, explained and dictated by the principles of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and their corresponding humors (melancholy, sanguine, choler, and phlegm)…

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