Comic Corner: Civil War II

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Marvel fans, rejoice! The second Civil War of the Marvel Universe has arrived. So far, three issues have been released (four if you’re counting the Free Comic Book Day issue) to many fans rejoicing. The story line starts when the Inhuman creating terrigen cloud rolls back over the Earth. Every few years, this cloud rolls through and creates a new Inhuman, which Medusa and her group quickly snatch up to ensure that he has proper training, and becomes a force for good. This time, we follow a teenager named Ulysses. Ulysses is given the power of future sight through this cloud, and boy does he see a bleak future for our Marvel universe.

After first using him to stop an invasion of cataclysmic proportions before it could even occur, the Inhumans tip their hand and let the rest of the heroes in on their secret. They reveal Ulysses to both…

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