Bone Valley

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Abandoned Southeast

IMG_5943.JPG These roads are no longer traveled by man.

Millions of years ago, the coast of Florida was believed to be 60 miles further inland. In the 1890s, Smithsonian archaeologists discovered large amounts of fossils in prehistoric sea beds across central Florida. After the fossil discovery, the region 40 miles South of Orlando became known as Bone Valley.

22532469919_8612aa2aa6_k.jpg The abandoned processing plant in 2015.

The prehistoric sea floor was located 25 feet below the surface. It was encompassed in a phosphate matrix comprised of animal bone, sand, and clay. Scientists knew that the phosphate surrounding the fossils made a great fertilizer. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that phosphate fertilizers became chemically enhanced, increasing crop yields tremendously.

22532676649_9f2ef6f6f7_k A view of the abandoned phosphate drying facility.

Throughout the turn of the century, the Bone Valley region boomed as a dozen commercial mining companies moved to the region from the North. Early miners worked by hand using only a pickaxe…

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