The Punic Wars – Part Two

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In the last post, we saw the Romans embarrass the Carthaginians at sea, make progress on land and you could be forgiven for thinking that the war will soon be over.

But the year is 260 BC, and there are twenty more years of bloodshed to go before the end of this war. So, what happened? What stopped Rome from claiming a quick victory?

The answer is a man named Hamilcar. This is NOT, by the way, the famous father of the even more famous Hannibal, but a different Hamilcar entirely. Unfortunately for historians it was quite a popular name among ancient Carthaginians.


iberian swordsman An Iberian soldier, of the type the Carthaginians hired in large numbers

Hamilcar was an infantry commander in a culture that valued sailors. It is easy to imagine that he was consistently looked down on by his fellows for his focus on land warfare…

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