The Punic Wars – Part One

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There are some conflicts which forever change the course of history, which have massive, earth-shattering consequences millennia after they were fought. Both World Wars, the Napoleonic Wars and the Thirty Years’ War all probably count. But a series of wars that were fought far, far earlier arguably were the first conflicts for which this was true. These were the three wars between the two Mediterranean republics, Rome on the one side and Carthage on the other, and they determined not just which of the two powers dominated Mediterranean trade routes, but which of them would be the one whose language, culture, laws and mindset would go on to influence Europe for at least the next 2000 years.

I’ll start, as any logical person would, at the beginning, with the First Punic War. I’ll admit it, this is less interesting than the Second Punic War – that one has brilliant generals, enormous…

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