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Weapons and Warfare


Marius´ Triumph over Jugurtha 104 BC – by Giuseppe Rava.

After the battle, Metellus went on into the richest part of Numidia, taking and torching many settlements. The final episode of the campaign was a vain attempt to capture Zama Regia and, Iugurtha having put together another army, a fierce battle in the vicinity. Then Metellus retreated, taking up winter quarters in the province of Africa, but near its border with Numidia. The Senate, meantime, prorogued his command.

The winter saw the sudden loss (through treachery) and swift recapture (through trickery) of Vaga. Then followed Metellus’ intrigue with Iugurtha’s old confidant Bomilcar. This was an attempt to put Iugurtha out of the way. It failed. After that Metellus took the field again. There was a battle in which Iugurtha was defeated. The king thereupon retired into the desert and took asylum at Thala (not identified), where his children and much…

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