Ship of Gold

Abandoned Southeast

In 1857 a wooden-hulled steamship known as the SS Central America set out from New York destined for Panama. On board were 578 passengers and crew, 38,000 pieces of mail, and 21 tons of gold – worth a few hundred million dollars today. Unable to withstand a brutal hurricane, the SS Central America sank 160 miles off the coast of South Carolina losing 425 souls and all the gold. The shipwreck sits 8,000 feet deep.

Above, a view of the gold as it sits on the ocean floor.

In 1985, a Marine Engineer named Tommy Thompson set out to locate and salvage the treasure left behind by the SS Central America. With a team of scientists and ocean explorers Thompson founded the Columbus America Discovery Group. The group began searching for a vessel capable of holding their deep sea robot dubbed ‘Nemo.’ In 1988 the group purchased a 30 year old Fishing Research and Icebreaker…

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