Battle for Moscow – Splendid Little Game

Rolling Boxcars

Battle for Moscow
Game Designer: Frank Chadwick
Publishers: GDW, Victory Point Games, and GMT Games
Years Published: 1986, 2009 and 2011

Battle for Moscow Game 1 – Situation at the end of turn 2 (GMT Version)

This splendid little game pits two players against each other to determine the fate of Moscow in 1941. Originally published by GDW in 1986 as a “giveaway” game at conventions to draw new players into the hobby, it was later slightly updated and reprinted in 2009 by Victory Point Games. In 2011, GMT Games, working closely with Victory Point Games republished it in their c3i magazine. the latest printing from GMT has much-improved components.

The game features a simple design with easy to learn rules but gives player’s some depth with the strategic options through they can win. With four pages of rules, there is little in the way of complexity to be had in this game…

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