GNS Theory for LARP – part 2 – Narrativist



Much like Gamist, Narrativist play has a lot of facets.  The core premise of narrativist play is the application of theme to the game.  It’s the theme that varies.  Some narrativists wish to express their internal character themes, and others desire external themes to express themselves onto their characters.  

Theme is about requesting the future

The entire goal of theme is to foreshadow desired changes to a character, or desired events for the character to encounter.  A character may attack orcs on sight and viciously mutilate them.  This may seem to be simply fulfilling the requirement made by their character background of “village was massacred by orcs”.  However, it should be viewed as a request from the narrativist player.  That request is “please give me something about orcs that takes this character somewhere else.”  

Oftentimes, the storyteller needs to meet the player in the middle, as…

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