The Black Prince: The Source of the Sobriquet

Andrew Bloch

The Source of the Sobriquet

Edward the “Black Prince”

Andrew Bloch

Medieval History

Dr. Steven Corvi

December 7th, 2014

Introduction: Sources and Subjects

Before jumping in and tackling any historical mystery, a brief word should be mentioned on the sources used. As there is no definitive way to know what has happened in the past, especially the remote past, the historian must use what clues he or she can find and interpret them to “discover” a likely truth. When dealing with the middle ages, the amount of data is relatively sparse thus, there is a heavier dose of interpretation than a historian studying the 20th century.

As a result of the sources being so thin, any conclusions the historian comes to are inherently unstable, no matter the diligence done. Therefore, the reader should not look at this as the definitive answer to this historical query but rather, something which moves…

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