[Friday Map] The Dungeons Under Ettin Manor

I happen to like these kinds of maps. They are excellent spurs to the imagination.

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Ettin Manor Dungeons (with grid) Ettin Manor Dungeons (with grid)

The overlord (now long deposed and deceased) of Ettin Manor kept his most precious of treasures down in the secret chambers underneath the manor. Further, he defended these treasure chambers with traps and intricate secret doors.

While his defenses have never yet been entirely breached, some looters have broken into one treasure chamber and looted it before being stopped by a solid stone door with a lock beyond their skills. More disturbing is that one of the ancient treasures appears to have… hatched… in the interim and a series of tunnels and chambers have been dug out from one particularly secret chamber. It leaves you to wonder what sort of creature would dig through so much earth and stone and yet never dig to the surface…

Ettin Manor Dungeons (no grid) Ettin Manor Dungeons (no grid)

The most difficult chambers to get to are a pair of chambers at the…

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