Raiders of the Realms – Session 2

I en joyed reading this. An interesting campaign.

Wizard on the Wynd

Tree Huggers and Feathered Friends

Players present

Bethan – Bethrynna Innis a’sualen (Half Elf Cleric of Ilmater) Level 1

Corina – Windstrike (Gnome Monk) Level 1

Craig – Griac Vemi-Gar (Goliath Fighter) Level 1

Emmy – Aklime (Drow Rogue) Level 1

Frances – Alstromera Whitetip (Halfling Warlock) Level 1

Jack – Garret (Human Rogue) Level 1

Players Absent

Alice – No Name (Tiefling Ranger) Level 1

Ed – Cade Tosscobble (Halfling Bard) Level 1

Seven days pass as the adventurers recover from their encounter with the shadows. Cade though, feels worse and worse until it is suggested that maybe the bottle of perfume with the four shadows trapped inside is making him feel weak. He takes it to the temple and they confine him to a room for a few days and confiscate the bottle. Over that time Griac has turned the crab claw into a reinforced maul. He is leaving it at the tannery…

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