My Steam Library’s Shame

Robert Keaton Maxwell

The games I detest, like Warframe, have over one hundred hours of my playtime logged. Meanwhile, games I respect and admire such as Europa Universalis 4 have… eleven. Games with literally infinite modding possibilities such as Skyrim have barely a dozen hours each. And exciting, interesting and quirky titles such as White Night lie dormant, collecting digital dust from my disuse. Steam-Workshop-Now-Supports-Paid-Mods-Skyrim-Gets-Premium-Items-Free-Weekend-479223-2

‘Tis a sad day.

On a similar note, I’ve noticed a sort of internal pang of guilt I feel when I’ve only got a couple of hours logged into a triple A game. I guess this stems from the fact that I typically pay thirty dollars at launch for each of them (fifty-percent off from day one, all hail PC gaming), but a dollar-for-an-hour playtime ratio still feels a bit rich for my blood, even if it really isn’t. I dunno.

If you have any thoughts of your…

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BRIEF BIO: Jack Gunter is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and songs. He is the co-owner of Open Door Communications, a copywriter, an inventor, and a former broker and private investigator. He is a naturalist and an amateur scientist and cryptologist. He likes to compose music and to design and play games and puzzles of all types. He homeschooled his children. He lives in the Upstate of South Carolina with his beautiful wife, talented two daughters, his old friend and Great Dane Sam, and his three Viking Cats.

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