Empire of the Petal Throne Character Sheet

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In a serious bid to increase my “Old School Cred”, I’ve joined a classic 1975 Empire of the Petal Throne campaign being run by Grognardia’s James Maliszewski.

Ok, that’s just a bit of hyperbole about the whole Old School Cred, but the rest is true. I’ve started playing an EPT campaign being run by James along with a cool crew, most of whom seem to know a bit more about the setting than I do. But it is great learning it as we go.

Empire of the Petal Throne Empire of the Petal Throne

One of the cooler aspects is that James is currently producing and selling an EPT ‘zine (The Excellent Travelling Volume, issues 1 & 2 on the left) and the second issue gives rough details of the city where our game is being held along with a wonderful city map by Simon Forster.

But the one thing missing from my…

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