‘In memory of Bodicia’: A rare find is uncovered in Cirencester


Bodicia Image from Cotswold Archaeology

There has been much excitement amongst archaeologists working on a Roman cemetery site in Cirencester this week, as an intricately carved tombstone from the 1st-2nd century AD was unearthed, along with the remains of the woman whose death it records.

So what makes THIS find so exciting?

The find is believed to be unique.  Roman burials and tombstones have of course been found individually, but the discovery of this tombstone, alongside the remains of the individual associated with it, may be the first of its kind in Britain.

The tombstone, discovered by archaeologists at Cotswold Archaeology, is finely decorated and bears the inscription ‘D.M. BODICACIA CONIUNX VIXIT ANNO S XXVII’, which has been translated as reading: ‘In memory of Bodicia. Wife. Lived 27 years’ There are only a relatively small number of inscribed tombstones discovered in Britain, making this find all the more…

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