Good Versus Bad Addictions: Player-Motivation as a Sustainable Resource

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We App developers are a lot like drug dealers. Only not as good.

Or “useful” I should say. I think we still hold the moral high ground. Which is weird, because with drug dealers at least you’re getting a physical product. App developers are charging you money for imaginary sheep because we invented a scenario where your imaginary farm is short on wool.

But we are indeed similar. We peddle an unnecessary product that makes fun chemicals flow in your brain. And addiction is one of the tools in our toolbox to ensure player motivation. Player Motivation is the umbrella term I use for why a person is playing your game. Why did he buy it, why is he still playing it after five minutes, why is he still playing it after an hour. It’s subjective, but I’ve noticed some common reasons:

Indulging your obsessive compulsive need for order. OCD…

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BRIEF BIO: Jack Gunter is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and songs. He is the co-owner of Open Door Communications, a copywriter, an inventor, and a former broker and private investigator. He is a naturalist and an amateur scientist and cryptologist. He likes to compose music and to design and play games and puzzles of all types. He homeschooled his children. He lives in the Upstate of South Carolina with his beautiful wife, talented two daughters, his old friend and Great Dane Sam, and his three Viking Cats.

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