Action 2 – Superman stops a war, Tex Thompson gets a friend, Inspector Donald and Bobby debuts, and Zatara grows a moustache

Babblings about DC Comics 2


The degree to which DC was uncertain about Superman is reflected in the covers of this, and the next few issues of Action.  Despite appearing on the cover of the first issue, Superman was not featured, or mentioned on the cover of Action 2 (July 1938), which went for a generic image, not tied to any story.


Superman’s tale, by Siegel and Shuster, continues with Superman terrorizing the pro-war lobbyist.  His inability to fly is conveyed by his landing, which sends pavement flying in every direction.  There is no control to this landing at all.


Clark Kent and Lois Lane both sail to Europe to report on a war brewing between two (fictional) countries.  They arrive in San Mateo, after spies push Superman overboard, and he swims the rest of the way. Superman forces the man who had him tossed overboard to join the army, and then joins as well…

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