Monster: The Phase Spider

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How many people know someone who is afraid of spiders ? I think just about all of us do. It is a common fear. Now lets take your fear. Make it bigger then your average dinning room game table and has the ability to seamlessly shift between this plane and the Ethereal! Many players dread facing phase spiders. And if they don’t you are not doing it right ! These lovelies should scare the pants off most parties when encountered. If used properly at the moment realization of what is about to come their way a game master should hear a satisfying and slightly audible groan of dread sweep over the room.

So enough about my personal feelings of joy at the terror these guys bring. Lets take a look at what exactly it is about the Phase spider that makes it so deadly. This is a spider form the…

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About Jack

BRIEF BIO: Jack Gunter is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and songs. He is the co-owner of Open Door Communications, a copywriter, an inventor, and a former broker and private investigator. He is a naturalist and an amateur scientist and cryptologist. He likes to compose music and to design and play games and puzzles of all types. He homeschooled his children. He lives in the Upstate of South Carolina with his beautiful wife, talented two daughters, his old friend and Great Dane Sam, and his three Viking Cats.

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