Review: The Convicted- a fantasy, cooperative survival game

Interesting game and nice Kickstarter project

COG Gaming

The Convicted Box ArtYear Published: 2014
Designer: Mateusz Albricht, Marek Sanecki, Pawel Puchniewicz
Publisher: BoardGames4U
Players: 1-4
Playtime: 8 hours (Can save progress)

One Sentence Synopsis: You’re bad boys, and need to figure out what to do before they come for you.

You and your pals are some real delinquents.  No, really.  Counterfeiters, murderers, smugglers, vandals…you’re all some real scum.  Lucky for you, the King is feeling generous.  In exchange for giving your group a new lease on life, you’ve been banished to the fringes of the known world and given instructions to prove your loyalty by colonizing those new lands.  Accompanied by a small contingent of soldiers and a few carts worth of resources, you’ll struggle to turn your fledgling village into a well-fortified township that is capable of fending off even the most intimidating sieges from the less-than-friendly locals.  No fabled Thanksgiving welcome here- You’re The Convicted.

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