The Popes and the Byzantines

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History 100: Western Civilization to 1648

The Popes and the Byzantines by Eric Malmquist (introduced in “The Pope’s Army”)

The troubled Imperial-Papal relationship began when the Roman Emperor (and professional meglomaniac) Constantine moved the imperial capital away from Rome to the new city of Constantinople in 324.  At this time he also made Christianity his personal creed and a favored religion of the Roman Empire.

Suddenly, Christian bishops went from being potential martyrs to enormously influential people, and the Bishops of Rome (a.k.a. the Popes, moving forward) began to see themselves as the leader of the Church.  The Christian Roman Emperors, naturally, thought that they themselves were the leaders of the Church, and the two were set for more than a millennium of conflict.

Nope. Stop. Call off the lions.

Over the following centuries, the Popes gained more and more influence and followers in Western Europe, while the Roman Empire steadily lost territory to invaders, including…

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