NPC Care

Most players do a bad job of both protecting and utilizing their NPCs and followers/hirelings no matter the type of game.

Tiro's Notes

NPC are the bane of many Mana players. “They always die. They don’t do anything. Why are they stuck in the corner?!” The reason is that you, the player, don’t take care of them. Like neglected little Rabites, they are tossed to the Howlers.


One of the easiest ways to boost an NPC is to equip an accessory on them. Check out their stats and see what they need. Squishy mages could use Def, while fighters would enjoy extra Power. The Boy and the Girl are the only permanent NCPs so don’t give anyone anything too expensive.

We Got Spirit

Whenever you get a new Spirit, switch to the NCP and see if they can equip it. Hurray! Another MP battery.

AI Demystified 1: Quit Hogging the Snacks

Under the Stat Menu, there is the NPC. Use it wisely.

The horizontal axis is the Magic-Weapons one. Having the character…

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